Fire Alarm System:

Fire Alarm System In an emergency, direct communication with multiple audiences can make the difference between a minor event and a major crisis. Whether you need to reach people in an emergency or for routine communication, you need to contact them quickly and easily with one controlled message.

Fireman Intercom

PATENT Fireman Intercom

– Master Panel from 8 zones to 248 zones in steps of 8
– Detailed panel configuration
– Calls can be made to RHSS by pressing respective ZCM call switches
– Audio visual indicators are provided to monitor critical component failure
– Designed to comply with SS 546 : 2009 (formerly CP25)

System Control Module (Common trouble indicator) PATENT PP-SCM

– 3-in-1 compact design which include : common trouble indicators, power supply indicators
& recording system control
– Power supply monitored by AC, charger and battery failures
– Earth faulting monitoring
– Monitoring for critical component failure